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International Shorts 01

The Surprise Demise of Francis Cooper's Mother
Felix Malisse, 2008, UK, 07'00"
The story of Francis Cooper and his mother; Emily Maddison and that man's face; and Craig MacKay and his cat.

Musica Therapie
Clement Picon, Amael Isnard, Manu Javelle, 2007, France, 05'31"
A mental hospital director who is totally allergic to music is battling with his troubled lodgers.

This is J03
Once were farmers, 2007, UK, 03'00"

Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen, 2007, Denmark, 04'24"
Marvin pilots his cargo freighter through space. His only entertainment a TV with the worst picture reception in recorded human history. He indulges himself consuming vast quantities of pizza and coffee to barely stay awake for the journey with random power outages interrupting the ride. However this time he may have gotten more aboard his vessel than he bargained for.

Bus stop boogaloo
Gus Hughes, 2008, UK

Will Adams, 2008, UK, 01'40"
A lone astronaut attempts to terraform a hostile planet with a malfunctioning robot as his only companion. The more the robot tries to help, the worse things get.

Arnaud Demuynck, Gilles Cuvelier, Gabriel Jacquel, 2007, France, 10'00"
A man is in prison. His companion of cell is tortured to death. When the guards come for him, he manages to escape them. By this desperate attempt, he reaches however the roof of the building. From the watchtowers, a soldier threatens him: then the prisoner expresses all the measurement of its freedom.

The Fabulous Farting Valley of Fat Farts
Tomas Garcia, 2008, Argentina, 02'06"
A fantastically overblown and epic production of a simple and timeless gag.

Berni's Doll
Yann J, 2008, France, 11'30"
Berni, minor employee of a factory, makes up for his loneliness by buying a woman in kit form from the Third World.

Marc Craste, 2008, UK 25'00"
Varmints tells the story of one small creatures struggle to preserve a world in danger of being lost forever through recklessness and indifference.

International Shorts 02

Matthew Walker, 2007, UK, 01'50"
A man dials directory enquiries and asks for the number for god. To his surprise he gets it... what will he ask?

Going home
John Hedley, 2008, UK, 03'45"

The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl
Mike Roush, 2008, USA, 05'07"
Seen through the lens of a wildlife documentary, we meet the Burrowing Owl. He has recently lost his mate to a large predator that is hunting in his neck of the woods. How will he survive in this dangerous wilderness alone? This is a story of love and survival.

La maison en petits cubes
Kunio Kato, 2008, Japan, 12'00"
An old man who lives in a growing tower of cubes he has created to avoid the ever increasing water level dives deep into his family memories in this beautiful 2d short.

Keith Reynolds can't make it tonight
Felix Massie, 2007, UK, 06'02"
A film explaining why Keith Reynolds can't make it tonight.

Fantaisie in Bubblewrap
Arthur Metcalf, 2007, USA, 04'26"
A whimsical jaunt through the world of bubblewrap.

Jesse Rosensweet, 2007, Canada, 08'00"
A stop-motion animated short taking a light-hearted look at the grind of daily routine. Its main characters are a husband and wife who are leading a seemingly ideal suburban life. But is everything really as perfect as it seems?

Jeremy Clapin, 2007, France, 13'40"
After an accident involving a meteor a man is quite literally beside himself and tries to overcome his predicament.