Animex Screen

2 - 6 February

Cineworld, Middlesbrough and OL7, Europa Building, University of Teesside
All screenings are FREE unless otherwise stated

Skhizein, by jeremy Clapin

For 2009 Animex Screen brings you a feast of animated movies befitting of our tenth birthday celebrations!

Along with the usual selection of new and exciting work, audiences will be able to view timeless classic animated feature films where they were made to be seen... on the big screen. With a mixture of informative and inspiring documentaries, specially curated programmes and the very best in new animation from around the world selected from our own Animex Awards, you can be sure of some fantastic entertainment.

The screen programme this year also has a distinctly Disney flavour to complement our list of guest speakers and showcases the output of the studio from its humble beginnings up to its most recent release in glorious 3D.

We are delighted to announce the screening of Leslie Iwerks' films The Hand behind the Mouse, based on the life and work of her grandfather Ub Iwerks and The Pixar Story, which takes audiences behind the scenes of the groundbreaking studio that pioneered a new generation of animation.

Screenings will take place at the Cineworld Multiplex in Middlesbrough and the University of Teesside.

Please check the screening summary for full details of what is happening during the week.

The week begins with the Features for Families screenings at the Cineworld multiplex on Saturday 31 January where kids can bring their parents and watch their pick of a selection of fine films for free.

The festival finishes on the evening of Friday 6 February with a special GALA screening of the new Disney animated feature BOLT to celebrate the launch of the 3D version of the film.

Whatever your taste in animation there will be something for everyone at our birthday celebration, enjoy the party!

Chris Wyatt
Curator, Animex Screen

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