Animex Game

2 - 3 February

OL1, Europa Building, University of Teesside
Fully Booked - Animex Game Pass and Animex Festival Pass holders only

Please note: the schedule of events and speakers at Animex Game provisional programme and is subject to change.

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Animex Game: 3 February
9.15am Registration
Foyer of Europa Building
10.00am Breaking into the Industry

Dawn Beasley, Senior Recruiter at Disney BlackRock Studio leads this session on getting into the games industry. Have your questions at the ready!
Chi-Hung Cheung, Lead Animator, Midway Newcastle
Ian Milham, Art Director, EA
Clint Ourso, Studio Project Management Manager, Volition
10.40am The Japanese Games Market
Hideki Osada, Weekly Famitsu!

Hideki, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Japan's most respected game magazine, Famitsu, talks about the Japanese games market using Famitsu's market research data. Susumu Matsushita, a high-profile Japanese graphic illustrator/cover artist and Haru Takahashi, Vice President of Interarrows and former Marketing Director at Eidos Japan will join him and will answer questions based on their professional experience in Japan.
11.15am Break
11.30am Creating Horror and Immersion with the Art of Dead Space
Ian Milham, EA

As EA's Art Director on the terrifying new title Dead Space, Ian will talk us through some of the innovative concepts employed by the development team to keep players nerves jangling.
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Building a CodaChain
Blitz Games & 3rd Dimension Creations

Ed Linley, Design Manager of Blitz Arcade and Sean Crooks Director of 3rd Dimension Creations discuss the process of creating an exciting new arcade title under Blitz Game's now formalised 1>UP scheme.
2.15pm Facial Mo-cap, and the challenges of animation and gameplay in music-based games
Andy Bastable and Jon Baker, FreeStyleGames

Andy Bastable, Senior Programmer and Jon Baker, Senior Animator at FreeStyleGames share their experiences using their in-studio facial mo-cap rig and getting the results into game. They will be discussing challenges they have faced in some of their recent music-based titles.
3.00pm Break
3.15pm The Art of Braid
David Hellman

Braid was widely noted for its painterly graphics as well as its time-bending gameplay. In this talk, David will discuss how artistic and game design considerations guided the evolution of its distinctive style. He'll also demonstrate the level-building tools used to create the game's organic landscapes.
4.00pm Left4Dead design and development process
Doug Wood, VALVe

Lead Animator Doug talks through the development process of VALVe's latest first person shooter, in which players work together to escape the zombie hordes!
5.00pm Close