Animex Game

2 - 3 February

OL1, Europa Building, University of Teesside
Fully Booked - Animex Game Pass and Animex Festival Pass holders only

Please note: the schedule of events and speakers at Animex Game provisional programme and is subject to change.

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Animex Game: 2 February
8.30am Registration
Foyer of Europa Building
10.00am Welcome and Opening Address
Chris Williams, Animex Festival Director
Gabrielle Kent, Animex Game
10.15am The Future of Computer Entertainment to 2050
Ernest Adams

Advances in computer entertainment will take place on three major fronts over the next half-century. These fronts are: technological advancement; demographic and market changes; and aesthetic development of the medium. This lecture examines each in turn, highlighting the key changes that we can expect to take place, and how they will affect the way we make and sell interactive entertainment.
11.00am Break
11.15am The return of Street Fighter 2
Jim Zubkavich and Long Vo, UDON Entertainment

Jim and Long take us through the process of giving a high definition graphics makeover to a classic for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix!
12.00pm The Making of Wheelman
Chi-Hung Cheung and Jim Gentile, Midway

The Wheelman project from initial concept to how wheelman evolved and finished. In this session Lead Animator Chi-Hung Cheung will talk about the versatile role of an animator through each stage of the project covering pre-visualisation, key frame animation, motion capture and where animation fits in a games studio. Jim Gentile will then discuss the mo-cap procedure on the Wheelman project.
12.45pm Lunch
1.30pm On demand storytelling in Prince of Persia
Andy Walsh

On-demand storytelling allows players to choose when and how to access a game's story creating their own unique experience of the narrative. Does this mean that linearity is dead? What do players get from on-demand models? How can writers, games designers plot further feats of narrative derring-do? In this session writer Andy will analyse the development and future of on-demand storytelling, how, why and when it can be used and how it is implemented in the new Prince of Persia.
2.15pm Focussed Development, The Black Rock Way
Alice Guy

At Black Rock we are far from traditional and now run our own take on Agile and 'Lean' production techniques. We've reorganised team structures and removed our dependence on long working hours. Focus is key to making the right decisions about features, team structures and even team-members if you're going to make quality games on time. Focus goes absolutely hand-in-hand with Agile development. We'll explain why and how we've implemented Agile in the studio and how these development techniques have produced excellent results.
3.00pm Break
3.15pm Saints & Sinners: Developing Saints Row 2
Clint Ourso, Volition

Clint, Studio Project Management Manager at Volition, shares the ups and downs of developing the sequel to Saints Row. From the early phases of exploring new and improved gameplay ideas, to having a porn-star special producer, to the final push across all platforms.
4.00pm Life is a game
Ian Livingstone OBE, Eidos

Ian will give a very visual and entertaining account of the struggles of an entrepreneur in the 1970s when he and Steve Jackson set up Games Workshop and launched Dungeons & Dragons. He will talk about devising and writing the multi-million selling Fighting Fantasy gamebooks in the 1980s. Ian will also talk about the birth of an icon with a detailed history of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and the value of intellectual property in a digital age.
 Bafta-sponsored session
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5.00pm Close
7.30pm Players Lounge at The Hub, Students' Union

Join the audience and speakers for a laid back evening of food, drink and networking sponsored by Codeworks Game Horizon.
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