Animex Awards


Dominick Spina

Product & Operations Manager
Digital Domain, Los Angeles , US

Dominick SpinaDominick is instrumental in turning the Academy Award-winning NUKE compositing software from an in-house tool exclusive to Digital Domain to a commercial software application. He is responsible for building the community of NUKE compositors worldwide and previously guided development of proprietary software for Digital Domain’s feature film, commercials, and music video pipelines.

Dominick’s career encompasses 15 years in software development and engineering project management and he played a key role in Sony Electronics’ VFX software team, leading a group of 60+ international developers in creating high-end graphics authoring software for film and television. Dominick is an active, multi-year participant in Supinfocom’s e-magiciens animation education program and is deeply involved in supporting the needs of high-end visual effects artists around the world.