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Markus Manninen

VFX Supervisor


Markus Manninen Brief
In 2003 Markus Manninen joined Dreamworks Feature Animation as VFX Supervisor on future feature animated projects. Before coming to Dreamworks Markus was Head of 3D Commercials at Europe's largest visual effects facility Framestore CFC where he worked on award winning commercials as CG Supervisor and Animation Director. A M.Sc. graduate of Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, he discovered Computer Graphics at University of Massachusetts, USA. Markus joined Framestore CFC from award winning animation studio Filmtecknarna in Sweden.

Curriculum Vitae
Markus started his career in the early 90's. A M.Sc. graduate of Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, he discovered Computer Graphics Animation at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. During the 90's he was part of building a media laboratory at Royal Institute of Technology, worked as freelance CG Animator and Designer, Computer Graphics Instructor, and briefly co-owned a small animation studio.

He later came to work at traditional animation studio Filmtecknarna in Stockholm to further develop their computer animation department as CG Supervisor. In the new millennium the work got recognized at World Animation Celebration (USA) - Best TV commercial for "Boddington's Cream of Playboy" - and Best use of animation in commercial for "Monster" at Animertdager, Norway.

Markus joined Framestore as Senior Animator in the year 2000. At Framestore he's working for clients like Levi's, Microsoft, Coca-Cola Co., Shell, Fiat, Whirlpool, BT Cellnet, British Gas, NatWest. In the winter of 2001 he got promoted to deputy head of 3D commercials. During the year Markus also took on the role as director of several animated spots for Cingular Wireless and Richard Burbidge. In the winter of 2002 he was promoted to Joint Head of 3D Commercials as Framestore and CFC (the sister companies of many years) merged into one visual effects facility, Framestore CFC.

Later in 2002 Markus was promoted to Head of 3D Commercials and worked as Animation Director on Kellogg's Eggo Waffles spot "Cow & Bear" for Leo Burnett Chicago. He was also a speaker at SIGGRAPH 2002 in San Antonio, Texas, a speaker at 3DFestival/LEAF, London (UK), in October 2002, held a Maya MasterClass on the 3rd of December in Paris (France), and was part of the graduation jury at Les Gobelins, Paris (France), in January 2003.

His commercial work has been well recognized as Levi's "Odyssey" won a BTAA Award, a BTA Craft Award, and at Cannes Advertising Festival. XBox "Mosquito" was perhaps even more successful in also wining at VES (Visual Effects Society) 1st Annual Awards, a LEAF Award, and shown in the Electronic Theater at SIGGRAPH 2002.

During the summer of 2003 Markus left Framestore CFC and London to work for Dreamworks Feature Animation in Los Angeles as CG Supervisor on future feature animated projects.



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