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Spencer Cook

Animation Supervisor

Sony Pictures Imageworks

Spencer Cook Spencer Cook joined Sony Pictures Imageworks in 1999 as lead character animator for the Academy Award® nominated (Best Visual Effects) feature film "Hollow Man." This was followed by a lead character animator position on the international hit "Spider-Man," also nominated for an Oscar®. He then went on to become animation supervisor for a number of key sequences in the sci-fi action films "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions."

Currently, Spencer is animation supervisor on Dimension Films' modern werewolf tale "Cursed," directed by Wes Craven, to be released in early 2005. The challenges on this project involve creating an exciting and dynamic digital werewolf performance that will intercut with the live action werewolf.

Previously, Spencer worked as animation supervisor at Flat Earth Productions on the television series "Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles," as well as character animator on the feature film "Blade."

As a character animator at Digital Domain, Spencer worked on the effects facility's short film "Tightrope," as well as commercial spots and music videos.

Spencer began his career in character animation as a stop-motion animator in New York City. After graduating from The School of Visual Arts with a BFA in film production he began animating and directing TV commercials. Working with New York production studios like Broadcast Arts/Curious Pictures, Full Blue Productions, Colossal Pictures and Stieffel & Company, he brought many memorable characters to life in commercials for Pillsbury, McDonald's, MTV, Budweiser, Duracell, Nintendo, Barbie, Kool Aid and Fritos. He also helped design and animate the surreal imagery in Peter Gabriel's music video "Big Time" and was part of the team that created the inhabitants of "Pee Wee's Playhouse" for the first season of the Saturday morning TV series.

Spencer was specifically requested by the ad agency DMB&B St. Louis to join the team in creating the football game between beer bottles in "Bud Bowl 3" produced at Boss Films in Los Angeles. Spencer also worked on various stop-motion productions at Clay Art/Scopas Film in Frankfurt, Germany and Parkville Productions in Cardiff, Wales.



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