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Pete Draper

VFX Director

Pete Draper A CG artist with over a decade's industry experience, Pete worked initially as a fine / graphic artist before moving onto CG in the late 80's, early 90's. After working for several companies ranging from multimedia production through to TV with senior roles of Lead and Senior Artist and Head of Media, he jacked it all in for the life of a freelancer. Freelancing gave him the experience to experience all areas of the industry including the opportunity to write his own book Deconstructing the Elements with 3ds max 6 (on which last year's Animex workshop was based). Since May he has been employed by Lightworx, Bristol as a Visual Effects Supervisor, working on a new six part sci-fi comedy series which is "akin to being a kid with a shitload of Lego".

Pete also writes for several CG-orientated magazines such as 3D World and Computer Arts amongst others and still finds time in his hectic schedule to help other budding artists on the numerous forums throughout the Intermaweb while providing a large resource of tutorials on his own site.

Pete will be hosting another workshop at Animex 2005 focussing on production quality visual effects with 3ds max 7 and will be speaking at Animex Talk on the VFX of Starhyke - describing the day to day routine of a VFX supervisor and showcasing some effects shots from the series which Lightworx is currently working on plus the R&D and effects behind each shot in 3ds max.

Animex Workshop: "Blowing the snot out of it" - Production VFX in 3ds max 7 For the third part in an ongoing saga, Pete returns to Animex this time in full arctic gear. This year's workshop is based on production quality visual effects for broadcast using 3ds max 7, again without having to rely on plugins - just the base kit, a bit of intuition and a lot of gusto / Guinness. Together we will smash, explode, collide and obliterate all in our path. (and I'm not tidying the lab up afterwards either.)

Animex Talk: Production VFX on a budget - the Visual Effects of Starhyke New sci-fi series Starhyke comes to Animex with exclusive footage and effects shots, showing how Lightworx plan to get around 400 visual effects shots complete on a shoestring budget. Lightworx's VFX Supervisor Pete Draper takes a few days out of blowing stuff up to show how they blow stuff up.

Pete's work, including online versions of the tutorials and papers he has written for various publications, and to see samples of the tutorials in the book, please visit or He can also be contacted on +44 (0) 7879 045 451 or email



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