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14 January 05

Animex is delighted to announce that a brand new film made by Tony West and Dan Lund, two former employees of Disney at Burbank in California, will get it's official WORLD PREMIERE during Animex 2005.

The film, a 40 minute documentary, charts the culling of hundreds of staff due to the demise of the hand-drawn art form that was the cornerstone of Disney classic animations. Using a mixture of interviews with colleagues interwoven with original whimsical animation, West and Lund tell their story which will make the audience listen in disbelief as some of the finest animators and craftsmen in the business try to make sense of their fate.

Producer Tony West and director Dan Lund will attend the Premiere to be held at Arc in Stockton on Monday 31 January to present the film and answer questions following the screening. Tickets will be available from the Arc box office on 01642 525180.

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