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Biology Professor
comes to Animex

17 November 03

Stuart Sumida, Professor of Biology at California State University may be a surprise addition to the Animex line up, but he's here for a very good reason! Read on to see why...

Professor Stuart Sumida Stuart Sumida may not be an obvious speaker at an animation festival, but look closer at what he has done with his expertise and you will realise what a great opportunity delegates at Animex have in listening to somebody who has been a major influence on animated movies in recent times.

With credits on films like Stuart Little, Dinosaur, Mulan, Lion King and Prince of Egypt nobody can question Stuart's credentials.

His knowledge has helped animators gain an insight into the anatomical structure and locomotion of humans and animals. Stuart has worked with most of the major animation companies in the world and Animex is delighted to give you the chance to learn from him at his one day workshop and at Animex Talk! One definitely not to be missed.

Stuart Sumida Biography >>


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