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Qurios produce Animex 09 titles

14 January 09

Harltepool-based animation and visual effects house Qurios Entertainment have produced the titles for the tenth anniversary of Animex.

The studio were given an open brief to design and develop something exciting and eye-catching for this special occasion, and the team have certainly come up with something that fits the bill.

Niel Bushnell, MD of Qurios said, "Producing the Animex intro has been both enjoyable and a huge challenge. We began work on this almost a year ago because we were determined to make something special to celebrate the festival's 10th anniversary.

We used to idea of looking back over the 10 years and tied that in with the TV logo that has been used for several years. The result is a potted history of the television combined with some funky transformations. We even managed to sneak in all of the previous years animated intros playing on the different TV screens seen throughout the piece."

The piece can be seen in full for the first time here, but will be seen across the UK from next week on screens in the foyer of Cineworld Cinemas.


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