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Blue Sky’s first trip to Teesside

09 December 08

Blue Sky Studios have been responsible for creating some of the most memorable characters in recent animated movies like Ice Age, Robots and Horton Hears a Who.

Jason Sadler The studio can also boast credits on many movies for its visual effects work as well as an Academy Award for the CG animated short Bunny.

Chris Williams, Animex Festival Director said: 'I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that Jason Sadler from Blue Sky will be coming to the festival to help us celebrate our tenth anniversary. We've tried to get them over before now, but it is timely that they are able to make it this year.'

Jason, a character designer and visual development artist at the studio, will be presenting material from their most recent feature Horton Hears a Who. Much of the work he will be showing has never been seen in public before, so it provides a unique insight into the development of the film. Definitely not to be missed!

Jason Sadler will present at Animex Talk on Friday 6 February.

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