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31 January - 4 February

Schedule:      Week to view (pdf)
Programme:  International Shorts 1
                      International Shorts 2
                      International Shorts 3
                      International Shorts 4
                      International Shorts 5
                      Animex Screen Exhibition
                      Retrospective 1: Painted Animations
                      Retrospective 2: Phil Mulloy Animations
                      Special 1: Sexuality and Desire
                      Special 2: Spike & Mike's New Sick & Twisted Animation
                      Special 3: Avoid Eye Contact NYC Independent Animation

Special 1: Sexuality and Desire, 75 min x 2

Guest Curator: Jayne Pilling, Director of the British Animation Awards, Curator & Writer

“So are men really from Mars and women from Venus? Or, in the animation context, do women make different kinds of animation films than men? ...the debate continues...What is clear however is that in recent decades women have pushed back the boundaries of what kinds of subject matter animation can be seen to deal with, particularly around issues of sexuality and desire. And in the last few years, it has also been encouraging to see some (well, a very few...) films made by men on masculinity and sexuality: in particular, German filmmaker Andreas Hykade, whose provocative films have aroused (some) feminist outrage but whose sincerity, openness and will to explore such issues is highly refreshing.” - Jayne Pilling


What She Wants
Ruth Lingford, 1994 UK, 4'
Sex, shopping and the detumescence of late capitalism. 2D computer.

The Stain
Marjut Rimminen & Christine Roche, 1991, UK, 11'
Inspired by a newspaper item, from which the two filmmakers spin a dark tale of family secrets, combining model animation with a range of other techniques.

Suzann Pitt, 1978, USA, 18'
A rich densely textured symbolic narrative about sexuality and the creative process, the film uses a range of techniques from drawing and painting on cel to three dimensional clay puppets.

Alys Hawkins, 2001 UK, 1'30"
A curious piece of medical history about masturbation. Mixed media.

Un Jour
Marie Paccou, 1997, France, 4’20
A woman recounts her first experience of intimacy. 2D computer.

Suzie Templeton, 1999, UK, 7’
While his wife wreaks violence and death in the kitchen, Stanley finds life and love in a beautiful cabbage he is growing in his back yard. Model animation.

The Hat
Michele Cournoyer, 1999, Canada, 6’
In an extraordinary series of transformations, an exotic dancer revisits her childhood trauma.

Ring of Fire
Andreas Hykade, 2000, Germany, 15'
Two cowboys spend their days in the cool shade of a rock but by night they make their way to the bazaar of sexual desire. A controversial exploration of macho attitudes, imbued with bitter-sweet romanticism. Drawn and 2D computer.

Second Class Mail
Alison Snowden, 1984, UK, 4'
A little old lady shops by post for an inflatable friend but the goods fall short of her expectations. Oscar nominee 1985. Drawn on frosted cells.

Girls Night Out 74
Joanna Quinn, 1987, UK, 6'
Quiet Welsh housewife Beryl is transformed into a joyful hooligan when her friends invite her on a birthday trip to a pub's Ladies Night, featuring a male stripper. Drawn on paper and painted on cel.


Crying and Wanking
Alys Hawkins, 2002, UK, 6’
A domestic drama about shame and loss. Alone in her private space a woman chews over her recently ended relationship, and the consequences of sexual honesty. Live action and drawn animation.

Ruth Hayes, 1981, USA, 4'
A woman's very frank diary entries... with unexpected sexual jealousy. Mixed Media.

We Lived in Grass
Andreas Hykade, 1995, Germany, 20'
'All women are whores and all men are soldiers, my papa said. So go into the grass and kill a tiger. . But Papa you know: a good soldier cannot burn down his dandelion girl - even if it hurts'.

Pleasures of War
Ruth Lingford, 1998, UK, 11’30”
An ancient tale retold, of a city under siege and the terrible action taken by one woman to save it. Victim becomes tyrant, and the cycle of war rolls on. Drawn on desktop computer incorporating archive footage.

Forever & Forever
Michaela Pavlatova, 1998, Czech Republic, 16'
A live-action wedding celebration is interspersed with drawn animation that explores what marriage might have in store for the bride and groom.

Oh Julie
Frances Lea, 1996, UK, 9'
A frustrated night of passion, in which "the spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak".

To Have and to Hold
Emily Mantell, 2003, UK, 3’52”
An alternative world based on a fantasy where women take the lead. 2D drawn.

Erica Russell, 1995, UK, 9'
The passion of two young lovers and another woman, Triangle makes powerful use of music and artwork styles. 2D, drawn, painted and stencilled. Oscar nominee.


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