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31 January - 4 February

Schedule:      Week to view (pdf)
Programme:  International Shorts 1
                      International Shorts 2
                      International Shorts 3
                      International Shorts 4
                      International Shorts 5
                      Animex Screen Exhibition
                      Retrospective 1: Painted Animations
                      Retrospective 2: Phil Mulloy Animations
                      Special 1: Sexuality and Desire
                      Special 2: Spike & Mike's New Sick & Twisted Animation
                      Special 3: Avoid Eye Contact NYC Independent Animation

Retrospective 2: Phil Mulloy Animations, 67 min

Director, script, animator: Phil Mulloy, UK

Phil Mulloy studied painting and graduated from the Royal College of Arts in 1974. After working mainly on documentaries and television programmes for nearly 20 years, he dedicated himself to animation. Since 1988 he has produced and created numerous short animations that have won international awards and screened at prestigious international animation festivals including Zagreb, Berlin, Golden Gate, and Anima Mundi, to name a few.

“The only limit to the sarcasm and bitterness of this great British animator’s dark comedies is the incredible openness with which he unmasks social behaviour… Viewers laugh a lot, though deep down they shudder.” Anima Mundi, C R Muttos, 2004

Phil Mulloy is currently producing an animated feature film in co-production with Studio Filmbilder. Also see The Intolerance Trilogy screening at the UGC.

Tinfish 1990, 1’
Early short on 16mm film funded by the Arts Council.

Cowboys – Outrage 1992, 3’
The whole of Joesville is disgusted by the behaviour of their young folk.

Possession 1991, 18’
A mixture of live-action and animation based on the Red Riding Hood story. Tension between the wolf as an agent of chaos, and the woodcutter as the imposer of order.

Cowboys – The Conformist 1992, 3’
”If you want to fit in round here, you best do what’s expected of yer”.

The Sound of Music 1993, 11’
A world gone undeniably to hell.

Cowboys – That’s Nothin’ 1992, 3’
"That’s nothing!": Cowboys meet in the Saloon and talk about hot sex.

The Wind of Changes Music: Alex Balanescu,1996, 15’
The life and times of the composer/musician, Alex Balanescu.

Cowboys – High Noon 1992, 3’
A showdown at high noon results in embarrassment.

The Chain 1998, 10’
A child scribbles on a piece of paper and as a result the whole world goes to war.

The Intolerance Trilogy, 56 min

Phil Mulloy’s animations in the trilogy have also won prestigious awards at international festivals including the Grand Prix – Tampere, Silver Dragon – Cracow, Silver Bell – Krok, Stuttgart Award and prizes at Mediawave, Imago, Annecy, Espinho, Castelli Animati as well as receiving a Cartoon d’Or nomination.

Intolerance 1
Director & script, animator, sound & cinematography: Phil Mulloy, Music: Peter Brewis, Spectre Films UK, 2000, 11’
An object is found in outer space. The consequences are catastrophic. Zogs!

Intolerance II – The Invasion
Director & script, animator, sound & cinematography: Phil Mulloy Music: Peter Brewis, Spectre Films, UK, 2001, 15’
Only Dwight knows that the Zogs have invaded Earth – only he can save the planet.

Intolerance III – The Final Solution
Director & script: Phil Mulloy, Music: Peter Brewis, Spectre Films / Studio Filmbilder, 2004, 24’
Do the Zogs really exist? Two thousand years in the future the answer to this question is finally revealed.


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