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31 January - 4 February

Schedule:      Week to view (pdf)
Programme:  International Shorts 1
                      International Shorts 2
                      International Shorts 3
                      International Shorts 4
                      International Shorts 5
                      Animex Screen Exhibition
                      Retrospective 1: Painted Animations
                      Retrospective 2: Phil Mulloy Animations
                      Special 1: Sexuality and Desire
                      Special 2: Spike & Mike's New Sick & Twisted Animation
                      Special 3: Avoid Eye Contact NYC Independent Animation

Retrospective 1: Painted Animations by Georges Schwizgebel, 55 min

Director, script, animator: Georges Schwizgebel, Switzerland

Georges Schwizgebel studied at the École des Beaux-Arts et des Arts Décoratifs de Genève 1960-65. In 1971 he founded Studio GDS dedicated to producing and directing animated films. His films reveal a sensibility for animation as an art form and the cinematic sense for fluid motion. Schwizgebel is a true master of the art of animated drawing and painting. His works have won numerous awards at top festivals and featured in exhibitions and retrospectives including Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Tokyo, Osaka, Paris and New York.

This retrospective selection includes eleven of the noteworthy animations created by Georges Schwizgebel: “Every one of them sprang from intuition, a constraint or a challenge. I am happy to introduce them to you.”

Le vol d'Icare 1974
Inspired by electronic billboards with images lighting up to a harpsichord music piece.

Perspectives 1975
Super-8 live footage film of a moving figure is rotoscoped and create an animated interplay of perspectives.

Le ravissement de Frank N. Stein 1982
A collaboration with the musician Michael Horowitz, using assembled sound fragments, frame-by-frame animation and the idea of the character of Frankenstein.

78 tours 1985
Things that can turn around and around, like a record. The film adopts two viewpoints: in the subjective one, both camera and objects turn, whereas in the objective the frame is fixed.

The sujet du tableau 1989
Intended to tell the legend of Faust seeking Marguerite with the help of Mephistopheles, now a painter - a journey across paintings that are at first still and then in movement.

La course à l'abîme 1992
The camera moves over large format paintings in a spiral movement to illustrate three minutes of music.

L'année du daim 1995
Illustrates a Chinese animal story in which a young deer is deceived by appearances, told in four equal sections of time representing the seasons.

Zig Zag 1996
The idea was to travel from one image to another, imagining a trip through space. The animation was created based on the music.

Fugue 1998
Conceived in the same way as a musician composes a fugue, but using visual images, with the vague idea that a character had run off and was about to write a postcard.

La jeune fille et les nuages 2000
The outcome of two constraints: to draw the clouds seen from the studio and to tell the story of Cinderella – twelve different skies link the chapters of the tale.

L'homme sans ombre 2004
Adapted from Adelbert von Chamisso’s tale ‘The Strange Story of Peter Schlemihl’ where a young man of modest means meets a magician who offers him riches in return for his shadow.


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