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31 January - 4 February

Schedule:      Week to view (pdf)
Programme:  International Shorts 1
                      International Shorts 2
                      International Shorts 3
                      International Shorts 4
                      International Shorts 5
                      Animex Screen Exhibition
                      Retrospective 1: Painted Animations
                      Retrospective 2: Phil Mulloy Animations
                      Special 1: Sexuality and Desire
                      Special 2: Spike & Mike's New Sick & Twisted Animation
                      Special 3: Avoid Eye Contact NYC Independent Animation

International Shorts 4, 70 min

The Old Fools
Ruth Lingford, 2002, UK, 5’35”
First Prize Tricky Women Festival 2003 Vienna. Sir Bob Geldorf narrates the Philip Larkin poem: visceral and abrasive images hint at the consequences of society's denial of death. Digitally animated DV footage, drawings and typography.

Paulina Majda, 2003, Poland, 3’40”
The Invisible wanders through a mysterious world of animated objects and sand – everything eventually returns to sand.

Deja Vu
Eric Ledune, 2003, Belgium, 10’35”
A deja vu encounter by three characters ‘Excuse me Sir, but we know each other don't we?’ Drawn and painted cel animation.

My Love
Ivana Sebestova, 2002, Slovakia, 2’0”
Drawn animation set to lively gypsy music.

The Witches
Elizabeth Hobbs, 2002, UK, 6’15”
Watercolour style animation in pale misty washes - three fishwives are plotting to save their own lives.

I Can Imagine It Very Well
Daniel Suljic, 2003, Austria, 3’50”
An anxious vision and fear haunts the filmmaker, 'I imagined over and over again a picture of my daughter being hit by a car… I saw her and I saw my helplessness.' Uses coffee-on-glass as a painted animation technique.

Die Eisbaderin (The Icebather)
Alla Churikova, 2003, Germany, 7’30”
An old and homeless woman dreams of happier times. 2d and sand animation.

Observed Freaks of Hidden Cameras
Jason Jameson, 2003, UK, 2’0”
You never know who you are living next door to.

Wedding Espresso
Sandra Ensby, 2002, UK, 6’0”
Sue fantasises about her own wedding and very quickly the resulting complications put her off the messy business. Line drawing animation.

Eating For Two
Steve Smith, 2002, UK, 3’10”
Sex, religion and the weather - Joe has to come to terms with the possibility that his wife has been impregnated by god.

Jem Roberts, 2003, UK, 5’25”
A man with a giant head is stuck between two cliffs - a nightmare situation tormented by extraordinary efforts to gain freedom.

Seed Animation Studios, 2005, UK, 1’0”
Global conflicts on a farmyard scale. An Animex Production.

New Balls Please
Richard James, 2003, UK, 3’10”
Wimbledon centre court in 2d animation and things heat up.

NSPCC Cartoon
Russell Brook, 2002, UK, 1’0”
Commercial for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, uses the conventions of Tom and Jerry to underline the horror of real violence - shows a disturbing encounter between a (live action) father and his (animated character) son.

The Stalking
Andy Johnson, 2005, UK
Darkly comic tale of a misunderstanding between a farmer and an obsessive bovine creature. An Animex Production.

The Song of the Chemist
Daniel Suter, 2003, Switzerland, 1’40”
A girl hurts herself when cutting bread. She runs to a pharmacy but the chemist has just been killed. A story with a twist. 2d animation in the style of pastel drawings.


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