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31 Januaryuary - 4 Februaryruary

Schedule:      Week to view (pdf)
Programme:  International Shorts 1
                      International Shorts 2
                      International Shorts 3
                      International Shorts 4
                      International Shorts 5
                      Animex Screen Exhibition
                      Retrospective 1: Painted Animations
                      Retrospective 2: Phil Mulloy Animations
                      Special 1: Sexuality and Desire
                      Special 2: Spike & Mike's New Sick & Twisted Animation
                      Special 3: Avoid Eye Contact NYC Independent Animation


Raining Cats and Frogs / La Prophetie des Grenouilles
Director: Jacques-Remy Girerd
France, 2002, 35mm, 86 min (all audiences)

With a new twist on the Noah’s ark story, frogs rally to warn humans of a terrible rain of forty days and nights and an impending flood. Only the farmer Ferdinand listened to the prophecy. His improvised raft is filled to the brim with the children and zoo animals, afloat on one big ocean. The freshness and artistry of the drawings in pastels is closer to book illustration artwork than cartoons in this ambitious feature produced at Folimage Studios, a renowned studio continuing to work in traditional animation – a million drawings created over 6 years tell a dramatic social fable about humans and animals, herbivores and carnivores alike, who need to survive until the waters recede.

Screens at UGC Screen 7, on 31 January and on 2 February, at 16:00
with the short: Cameras Take Five, Steven Woloshen, 2003, 35mm, 3’

Hair High
Director: Bill Plympton
USA, 2004, 35mm, 82 min (18+ audience)

A gothic high-school comedy with a “Carrie”-like story, set in the 1950’s. It tells the legend of Cherri and Spud who are murdered on prom night. They are left for dead in a timeless embrace at the bottom of Echo Lake. Exactly one year later, their skeletons come back to life as they return to the prom for revenge and their justly deserved crowns. Independent NYC animator Plympton drew the entire feature animation over 2 years in his distinctive cartoonist style and outrageous humour.

Screens at UGC Screen 7, on 31 January and on 2 February, at 19:00
with the shorts: Fast Film, Virgil Widrich, 2003, 35mm, 14’ and Guard Dog, Bill Plympton, 2004, 35mm, 6’

Director: Daniel Robichaud
Canada/France/Spain, 2004, 35mm/Beta, 77 min (all audiences)

It is the year 3000 A.D. in the technocity of Scamboville, where Geppetto lives in a tiny house sheltered between imposing skyscrapers. As an ingenious twist on Carlo Collodi’s classic tale, Geppetto is an old computer enthusiast, and carries out his dream of having a son by creating Pinocchio as a super-robot, thanks to the P3K microprocessor. A ‘cyber classic’ filmed in visually stunning 3D computer animation, with voices by Howie Mandel and Whoopie Goldberg.

With special thanks to Northern Lights Film Festival
screens at the University of Teesside Cinema, on 31 January at 21:30, and at the ARC Studio Theatre, on 4 February at 21:30

Director: Anders Ronnow-Klarlund
Denmark, 2004, 35mm, 91 min (all audiences)

The director’s idea of a universe inhabited by marionettes with strings reaching all the way up to the sky, to a place where all are connected and controlled, inspired this epic fantasy film. It uses marionettes and puppet animation in elaborate atmospheric settings. A mythological story about the son of a king, Hal Tara, who sets out on a journey to revenge the death of his father. He discovers the truth of his own people and true love where he least expects it. A dramatic tale of love and war, where the threads of destiny are woven together by unseen hands.

Awarded Best European Fantasy Feature Film and Citizen Kane Award to Newcomer Director at the Sitges Festival 2004.

With special thanks to Northern Lights Film Festival
screens at UGC Screen 7, on 1 February at 16:00 and 19:00


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