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Good Cat, Bad Cat

We’ve all heard of the expression ‘good cop, bad cop’. It’s pretty self-explanatory- one be good, the other be bad! Such differences aren’t solely restricted to the world of law enforcement however . . .

Good Cat, Bad Cat features the animated misadventures of a pair of very different cats. Good Cat on the one hand is a paragon of virtue and loveliness. Repeat winner of various pet pageants, prizes include ‘Most Cutest Cat’, ‘Most Purr-fect Pet’ and the ‘Goodermost Cat Ever’ Award. With big eyes, long lovely lashes and the cutest button nose, one cannot help but fall in love with such an adorable wee pussycat.

Bad Cat, on the other hand, is the antitheses of all that his brother stands for. Mean spirited, evil, sneaky and sly, his heart is blacker than a very black thing that has been left in the sun to dry out, been stamped on, steam-rollered, burned, shredded, burned once more then painted black for good measure. Basically we’re saying he’s bad, very bad.

Curtis Jobling

Curtis is the designer of the worldwide hit children's television show Bob the Builder, has a number of his own shows in development and is a successful published children’s book author and illustrator. Clients include the BBC, HIT Entertainment, Nickelodeon, the Jim Henson Company, and Aardman Animation. Picture books Curtis has worked on include Frankenstein’s Cat (also an animation project), Dinosaurs After Dark and Skeleton in the Closet. He has also worked on Nick Park’s Oscar winning A Close Shave and Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks! as well as writing, designing and directing a series of interstitial animations for Nickelodeon, Curious Cow, with long time collaborators and production company Mackinnon & Saunders.

Gallery work has included exhibitions of his original picture book work, as well as new works like the Monster Mob series of paintings and lithographs, and most recently the ongoing series of Biteneck Beatniks paintings. The Beatniks are the perfect marriage of Curtis’s love of old monster movies, kooky characters and children’s books, combined with being highly sought after collectable pieces of original contemporary art.

Holding storytelling sessions, art workshops, and lectures, Curtis appears at schools, libraries and colleges to provide a dynamic inter-active learning experience. Be it a one-off guest appearance or a series of ongoing visits and mentored projects, students of all ages will be charmed and inspired by his portfolio of work, relaxed style and entertaining presentations. He recently completed writing his first novel, Tales From The Wyrdwood.

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