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Rob Martin

Illustrator and Writer

Rob Martin Jan 1989 - June 1989
Paint and Trace Artist
Whizzline Productions, Leeds

I did paint and trace in television animation on the TV series RIC. Produced by King Rollo Films. It was later broadcast on GMTV.

1991 - Present

First break as a national cartoonist in 1991 with ZIT MAGAZINE. Did around 30 cartoons for this national.

After this, a snowball effect started, designed theatre posters, T-shirt designs, corporate Christmas cards etc.

Clients have included McVites, Filed Away - an X-Files Fanzine, Gardinia Windows and Star Videos.

Also did a weekly cartoon strip in 1997 for the Bar News newspaper in West Yorkshire. The paper ran for three years where I supplied a cartoon for every issue. This was a great test, as unlike ZIT, the humour had to be clean.

Most recently designed a video cover for Kirklees Education Authority. A corporate video about Lunchtime Supervisors. Designed one for them at least three years ago, which sold out and the Education People came and asked if I could do a follow up cover.

1997 - Lob Stories tm

Wrote and directed a television plot called LOB STORY. Which the cable television company Cabletel commissioned me to make. The programme was a mad zany puppet show set under the sea and revolved around the lives of two pensioner lobsters. Made two broadcast programmes and then moved off from Cabletel.

1999/2000 - Fox Kids

Designed thirty second television bumpers for 20th Century Fox.

2002/2003 - Saving Ginger's Privates

Directed, animated and wrote this short animation. It was a cartoon about a gingerbread man living in a world of digestives. Funded by the Film Council of England and Yorkshire Media Production Agency. Saving Ginger's Privates was put together at Gosgrove Hall Films, home of Danger Mouse.

In 2003 the Film Council were so pleased with how Saving Ginger's Privates turned out that they showcased it a the Cannes Film Festival in May. It was made for the cinema, and is now doing film festivals all over the world.

2003 - Pop Promo

Have just completed co-directing a pop promo for the Band Scaramanga Six. The song is called The Poison Pen and will soon be broadcast on MTV.

2003 and Beyond

Have just signed a development agreement with Cosgrove Hall Films Limited. After creating, written and storyboarded a full 26 part television series. Series 2 and 3 have also been sketched out. All I can say is we believed we have one of the funniest cartoons ever and nothing on television up to present looks like this.

However, after all said and done I am still eager to do design work, as right now I am working out a flyer for a back injury clinic. So it is not always the cartoon medium all the time.

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