Animex International Festival of Animation

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A word from our sponsors

Northern Film and Media

Northern Film & Media Northern Film and Media exists to promote a vibrant film and media sector in the North East and we are delighted to be involved in the funding of the Animex International Animation Festival 2003 through the Film Council's Lottery Fund.

Festival environments provide the perfect conditions for the growth of film and media culture. Audiences are able to see new and exciting creative content, to meet its creators and even get involved in creating themselves. Professionals can come together to share their experience with each other and with the artists of tomorrow. Animex is committed to its audience and the talent, which makes it a very special resource for the North East and one that fully deserves to become the flagship festival of the region and, one day, the nation.

The festival in 2003 is bigger than ever with something for everyone; a great mix of both on and off screen excitement. The range of content from the cute 'n cuddly to the sick 'n twisted also shows us how digital innovation is contributing to, rather than replacing, the rich diversity of animation techniques.

Northern Film and Media congratulates the festival team on a fantastic programme and looks forward to joining Animex on its journey to become the biggest and the best animation festival on the planet.

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