International Festival of Animation

Monday January 28 - Saturday February 2



Q: What's the difference between Bob the Builder and a Martian warlord?

A: Not alot, they're both made by MacKinnion and Saunders. And after producing puppets and models for the likes of Mars Attacks!, Bob the builder, Brambley Hedge and Bill and Ben, this Manchester based company now boasts a superb worldwide reputation in the film-making industry.

This star packed exhibition sees a collection of their finest models in the flesh- from the aforementioned Hollywood faves to the stars of their award-winning adverts.

Dancing tomatoes, rollerskating cats, talking glue sticks, a worse for wear Tequila worm? Can they fix it? Yes they can- at the Clevland carft centre between Jan the 28th and April 6th 2002


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